Warning! Self Service Hair Dye
Warning! Self Service Hair Dye

Want to dye your hair and no way to travel to our hair salon? Many people will want to dye their hair casual and save money, but with professional hair dyeing has a special waiting time and then method is not the same, customer with their own hair dyeing is to hold a lot of risks, in case the color dyed unevenly, that is more than just waste of effort while damaging the hair, but also have to ask professional hair dyeing artists to help restore the hair image again.

So, if you want to have your own hair dyeing is also serious technical work, however if you can master hair dyeing skills and do your own hair dyeing at home can also became easier!


First, follow this guide on how to let yourself do your hair dyeing evenly!


  1. You need to understand dye your own hair at home VS salon is expected to be different. Hair dye stuff having a ratio difference Self-dye hair-dyed is using very simplified formula, the pursuit is easy to color, because some bright colors need professional chemical to dye out. Hairdressing shop used professional color blending, that is dyeing a hair may require a variety of colors for blending, to dye and swatch similar hair color.


  1. Hair dyeing cream having time difference, you will not be able to see how the saturation of the hair dye color, generally in accordance with the hair dye use instructions on the penetrate time. For a hair salon, hairdressers will come and pull down our hair from time to time, and they can see how the color works.


  1. There is difference in color uniformity. Doing own hair dyeing does not pay attention to the color of the color effect, even if the color is not allowed, no one will tangle with such things. Salon hair dyeing cream a wide variety of uses are also different, the need for professional operation to achieve uniform, accurate, saturated, stylish, beautiful color effect.


Second, what do you need to prepare to dye your hair?


1.     Hair dyeing products.

Hair dyeing cream is made from plant formula, paste body shape, hair dyeing cream in the application of more trouble, carelessly prone to uneven phenomenon, but after dyeing the color to maintain some long. Dyed hair bubbles with a certain technical content of hair dyeing formula, bubble-like, relatively easy to get hands on, they can do at home, dyeing is also relatively uniform, after dyeing the color of hair dyeing cream to maintain for a long time.

2.     Hair dyeing tools.

Small wrists or basins are used to condition and hold hair dyes. Brush Use hair dye on the brush to dye the color evenly. Ear sleeves cover your ears, otherwise hair dyes can easily get to your ears and wash them off easily. Fresh film and other hair dyes applied, need to use cling film to wrap up the hair, so that the effect is better.

3.     disposable gloves Hair dye to get the phone is difficult to wash off, it is best to wear disposable gloves when dyeing. Disposable ponchos are used to wrap the body to prevent accidentally getting dye onto clothes.


Third, your own hair dyeing skills.

1. How to dye your hair to avoid the top It is recommended to brush from the low temperature area (hair tail) first, hair root retain 2cm do not brush, full head brush and other colors to six degrees can make up root, remember to be uniform, from back forward, bottom-up brush, head must not stack, angle is also relatively easy to color, so brush both sides to speed, the whole head brush is best in about three minutes, brush after continuous observation to head root color changes.

2. How to dye your hair evenly Local staining If only local dyeing needs of people, before dyeing, the hair film applied to the unstained hair, forming a protective film, so that when punched will not be accidentally dyed. The hair should be smooth Before dyeing, you must comb the whole hair to no knots, dyeing time do not tie the hair, waiting for the color to eat in, so that the hair color can be uniform. Hair dye with plastic container stirring evenly (Metal containers will oxidize the dye, change the original color, not only affect the effect after dyeing, but also may cause damage to the scalp, therefore, plastic containers are good). Roots finally come on again (The temperature of the scalp causes the dye to penetrate the hair wire more quickly and color faster, so if you first get hair at the root of the hair, it is likely to dye the color of the head heavier than the hair tail.)


Fourth, their own hair dyeing precautions.

1. Avoid special stages! Do not dye your hair during severe hair damage, allergies, colds, physiology, pregnancy, and lactation.

2. Wear gloves! No matter what kind of hair dye is used, is a chemical substance, in the hair dyeing, it is best to wear protective gloves, to avoid direct hand contact with hair dye.

3. The number of self hair dyeing in a year should not exceed twice! Self-services hair dyes contain more chemicals, and harmful substances accumulate in the body every time they are used. Too often the use of hair dyes, the body's immune system may be damaged, so it is recommended that the number of hair dyes not more than twice a year. 4, before each hair dyeing is best to do a local skin test Whether using chemical hair dye or plant hair dye, it is best to apply a small amount of hair dye to the back of the ear, the inside of the arm, etc. for 72 hours to see if there is an allergy.