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Your hair is our Art Pieces. Make you look glamorous is our best trophy.

 We have a well-structured method of serving clients with hair design, hair colour, hair and scalp treatment, and a working system to deliver the best results of the clients’ expectations. Our delegated Stylists and Directors having more than 10- 15 years of experience.

Shen.SPA Hair Studio

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All it takes is 90 minutes to tame your unruly, frizzy hair into luscious, natural looks with Shen.Spa Hair Studio signature hair & treatment. And if you’re lucky, you might even walk away with a free scalp treatment trial courtesy of the in-house hair consultant.

Re-construct Hair Treatment also known as hair botox or gentle keratin hair treatments. Shen.Spa Hair Studio developed their own proprietary signature treatment with gentle and organic ingredients to moisturize and strengthen hair.  With decades of experiences , understand your hair before applied sufficient amount of formula do deal with your frizzy hair problem. Each of the customer having their own tailored made formula that suites their hair the most.

From the treatment, the end result is smooth, straight hair from the crown of your head, with slight curls towards the end. Your hair looked tamer with the harsh dry ends all gone, and felt sleeker and – dare I say it is healthier when you ran your hands through it. Even after a few washes, your hair still as neat, and require less effort to style it with just a quick few brushes with a comb.

While healthy hair is always starts with the root. Shen.Spa Hair Studio's unique scalp treatment will complete your hair and scalp therapy with a gentle and refreshing Shen Head Spa. Enjoy the moment of head paradise with an Instagram-able hair fountain. Perfect with Shen Aromatherapy. You gotta try it, especially during hot weather. 

This is another good getaway for your hair, and staycacy for your head after a busy day.

Amy Ee
Amy Ee

about Shen.spa Professional Salon products

Do you love to be fashion, to have a trendy look but you don’t want to give up the results obtained with Shen.Spa treatments?
No problem, Shen.Spa has professional Home Kits Salon product for you: Delegated product for colored and/or chemically treated hair can give you extra protection during the daily routine.


Rosemary, sage, geranium, lavender, lemon, peppermint, roman chamomile are our favorites.


All product we used are from popular brand coming from Italy, Japan, & Korea. Professional salon graded products.


Vibrant and natural colour is our expertise, visit us to know what colour suites your tone the best. Catered for each occasion.


We will recommend most gentle way to help your hair to do a change over. Your hair style will have noticeable different yet naturally fits you.